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Energy Growth Lab

Salusfin takes part in Energy Growth Lab by Epicenter and Smart Otaniemi!
Energy Growth Lab is a 5-week growth program created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. A EU funded growth project is a program that aims to generate new business activities in city regions and support growth oriented companies to better access networks and innovation ecosystems that support their needs.
Looking forward to a great series of events!

Energy Growth Lab

Team update

I’m so proud of this inspiring dream team! Rado and Smitha are working together bringing up new ideas and improving earlier tested ones.
Thank you Digita for the support on LoRa. LOP Kiinteistöt – thank you also for this awesome office space!
In the background you can see our reporting portal presenting data from the monitored buildings, where the easily deployable sensor solution is helping our customers realize the possibilities.
Last but not least, here is a picture from today’s SCRUM meeting, where we are working on a digitalization project for our client.

SCRUM Meeting, remote mode

EV charging tests continue

It feels great to be able to combine our interest for cars with our project!
This time we had the opportunity to have the Volvo XC40 twin engine to test drive and charge. We have used the newly integrated charger that will ensure that the car’s battery is charged during none peak hours.

Test driving and test charging Volvo XC40

Work and fun combined

As part of the Horizon2020 project, where we also work on the EV charging solution, we got the opportunity to test drive the new ID.3 1ST from Volkswagen. ID.3 runs smoothly through the city, and the range is an impressive 425 km (wltp), which is enough even for getting to more long distance places, before it is time to re-charge.
In order to save money we will re-charge the battery, using the charging optimization solution provided by Salusfin. Here we are testing the charger by go-e. Thanks for letting us take this opportunity to test drive the new EV from Volkswagen in the beautiful warm autumn weather!

EV charger tests

We have tested our E-vehicle smart charger pilot with a BMW electric car i3 and a BMW 3-series hybrid at the Merihaka housing area in Helsinki. The results turned out quite positive! Looking forward to more tests to come.

mySMARTLife meeting in Helsinki

EU’s Horizon2020 project mySMARTLife arranged the fourth periodic meeting in Helsinki. The venue took place in the brand new Metropolia campus.

Almost hundred project members from Lighthouse cities Hamburg, Nantes and Helsinki and follower cities Bydgoszcz (Pol), Rijeka (Cro) and Palentia (Spa) were participating in the meeting.

The mySMARTLife project aims at making the three Lighthouse Cities more environmentally friendly by reducing the CO2 emissions of the cities and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. More info on the project here.

Salusfin contribution to the project involves:

  • Smart heating solution with district heating demand response functionality, in collaboration with Helen Ltd
  • Smart personal E-vehicle charging solution.
mySMARTLife Cities Network

Service delivery to Oulu

Salusfin is set to deliver an IoT/ cloud-based measurements-made-visible solution to the City of Oulu.

The solution is part of the CityIoT Project. More information on the project can be found here.

The Salusfin measurement solution involves electricity usage measurements (whole building and sub-metering) and environmental sensor values. Users have access to consumption and sensor data with their mobile devices using a QR-code. Users can also report their alertness through their mobile devices, alertness being mapped with CO2-levels. The visualization solution uses traffic light type of tower light and a buzzer. Service delivery may be extended triggering one or more options.

Solution Landscape with visualization

Salusfin goes East

Salusfin has started a new chapter of business development as it entered the Russian market!

Salusfin signed a distributor agreement with a Russian company Apeks. Our agreement covers the Salusfin Building-made-Smarter concept. The target customers are FMCG stores and petrol stations in the X region of Russia. We are also planning to extend the cooperation to cover electricity demand response.

The highlights of the present agreement are intended to cover:

  • control of heating solutions
  • control of ventilation systems
  • control of refrigeration
  • use of electricity spot price as control data
  • use of electricity peak price as control data.

Service delivery to Metropolia

Salusfin is proud of another succesful achievement as a smart service provider.
Salusfin delivered a smart IoT-based ventilation machine control to the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki. The data used for ventilation control derives from electricity spot price and sensor values (temperature, humidity and CO2). The service delivery is part of Salusfin Buildings-made-Smarter concept.

Salusfin selected to Kasvupolku®

Salusfin Oy has been selected as one of the most innovative businesses!

The Growth Path of Energy Innovation (Energiainnovaatioiden Kasvupolku®) has choosen 15 innovative growth companies. A total of 39 companies has applied for the growth path. The jury evaluated the applicant companies based on selection criteria. The criteria were: innovative business idea, market potential, clear customer need, team and expertise, and a desire for growth.
Read the full article in Finnish here.