Cooperation with Savon Voima

We are proud to announce our new cooperation! Savon Voima and Salusfin have signed a cooperation agreement on smart components and their controlling and measurements capabilities, heating controls, energy measurements and security & safety features. The agreement also covers R&D and commercial aspects of business cooperation.

Helen-Salusfin Cooperation

We got a Helen – Salusfin co-operation deal!

Helen Oy and Salusfin signed a contract on a R&D project involving indoor temperature control.

Contract period is set to last until 31.12.2017 and shall cover R&D and piloting features.

Tekes R&D Project

We are excited to start the actual product development phase supported by an R&D loan. Our R&D goal is to create a three-level architecture: The Home Area Network (HAN), cloud computing and UI, with web and mobile clients. After the current project, sales and security services are set to be started.
Another great news: Salusfin sales companies are established in Germany, India and USA!
And, our first patent application papers are in process!