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Tekes R&D Project

We are excited to start the actual product development phase supported by an R&D loan. Our R&D goal is to create a three-level architecture: The Home Area Network (HAN), cloud computing and UI, with web and mobile clients. After the current project, sales and security services are set to be started.
Another great news: Salusfin sales companies are established in Germany, India and USA!
And, our first patent application papers are in process!

Tekes Tempo Project

We have big plans! In the next phase of our business development plan, the Tekes Tempo project application.
The project is set to start at later part of 2013-2014.
Our forthcoming goal is to achieve MVP (=Minimum Viable Product).
The MVP was successfully piloted in South-East Asia in spring 2014. We were happy to receive postitive customer feedback!