mySMARTLife meeting in Helsinki

EU’s Horizon2020 project mySMARTLife arranged the fourth periodic meeting in Helsinki. The venue took place in the brand new Metropolia campus.

Almost hundred project members from Lighthouse cities Hamburg, Nantes and Helsinki and follower cities Bydgoszcz (Pol), Rijeka (Cro) and Palentia (Spa) were participating in the meeting.

The mySMARTLife project aims at making the three Lighthouse Cities more environmentally friendly by reducing the CO2 emissions of the cities and increasing the use of renewable energy sources. More info on the project here.

Salusfin contribution to the project involves:

  • Smart heating solution with district heating demand response functionality, in collaboration with Helen Ltd
  • Smart personal E-vehicle charging solution.
mySMARTLife Cities Network

mySMARTLife Helsinki info

A new video on mySMARTLife is now available! Please check out the new video here.

The smart city project mySMARTLife is part of the EU Horizon 2020 program, which tests new solutions to mitigate climate change in cities. In this video you can learn what City of Helsinki has done in the field of energy renovations, urban mobility and ICT solutions.

Learn more on mySMARTLife project here.

Visit the project’s Facebook page: Mysmartlife Helsinki.

Helsinki’s 4 smart ways

At the moment, 150 energy saving actions are being carried out in three Lighthouse Cities – Helsinki, Hamburg and Nantes – each solution adapted to serve the needs of that particular city. In Helsinki, there are altogether 4 ways of incorporating smart solutions into energy saving plans.

“As part of the six-year mySMARTLife project, European Lighthouse city Helsinki is looking to urban solutions to cut 70 percent of greenhouse gases. Along with Nantes and Hamburg, Helsinki is part of the mySMARTLife plan to transform cities into “more sustainable places where smart people and smart economy become reality.”

Find out more about Helsinki’s case in particular and how the capital is building on its past to develop its future. Follow the link to read the article: Four ways Helsinki is incorporating smart solutions.

Smart heating installations

In Merihaka, a coastal residential area in central Helsinki, Salusfin’s smart heating controls are being currently installed to all building apartments, the installation being done by the housing association at Haapaniemenkatu 12.
Salusfin’s smart thermostats enable dynamic heating controls, energy savings and increased comfort. Residents are able to adjust temperatures according to daily or weekly schedules, e.g. drop temperature during night time or vacation or set up individual preferences.