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Improved living comfort

In Merihaka, Helsinki, a housing association decided to install smart heating controls to all apartments. Smart thermostats enable dynamic heating controls, energy savings and added living comfort. Residents can adjust temperatures according to their daily or weekly schedules, e. g. drop temperature during night time or vacation. The thermostats and the wireless solution are provided by mySMARTLife partner Salusfin Ltd.

A first set of thermostats has already been installed in 20 apartments. Info evenings were organised before the installations and additionally residents have been interviewed about issues relating to heating comfort.
The installations enable the local utility company Helen, also partner of mySMARTLife, to start the heat demand response pilot in Merihaka. Link to the original article is here.

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Smart heating installations

In Merihaka, a coastal residential area in central Helsinki, Salusfin’s smart heating controls are being currently installed to all building apartments, the installation being done by the housing association at Haapaniemenkatu 12.
Salusfin’s smart thermostats enable dynamic heating controls, energy savings and increased comfort. Residents are able to adjust temperatures according to daily or weekly schedules, e.g. drop temperature during night time or vacation or set up individual preferences.

EU-project to next level

General meeting of Helsinki’s housing association at Haapaniemenkatu 12 (Merihaka) made a decision to participate in mySMARTLife-project. As part of the project, Helen Oy and Salusfin will pilot demand response on district heated house. The objective is to install the solution in 12 district heated houses during this project. Salusfin will install individual heating controls in 170 apartments. With this Salusfin solution heating features can be adjusted based on individual needs on room level.