Energy Profiling

What is it all about?

Energy Profiling concept involves efficient & dynamic energy management, sustainable green technologies and to energy savings. For the user it means receiving the same level of service and saving money on energy cost while optimizing the consumption in a way to involve less resources.

We offer technological solutions for acquiring and analyzing the energy consumption data in order to identify detailed energy consumption patterns, analyze the impacts and reduce inefficiencies. By doing so we can optimize the consumption and offer adequate consumption profiles.

Positive Energy Neighbourhood
Dynamic Energy Management
Energy Storage
Optimization of Living Conditions
Data Sharing & Analytics


Savings – The knowledge of the electric profile makes aware of the impacts of normal operation on consumption, providing the necessary cues for simple measures to reduce inefficiencies with a consequent saving on energy costs.

Eco sustainability – The reduction of energy waste consequently decreases CO2 emissions, contributing to the respect of the environment for a sustainable future of the planet.