Efficient Energy Management

What is it all about

Demand Response Service

Energy Management with Demand Response Approach enables optimal use of energy by adjusting it to the actual consumption without affecting any other comfort living conditions. Demand Response Solution by Salusfin is designed for energy utility companies and allows the utility company to regulate the energy usage, upon agreement with the consumers. The Salusfin Platform can be utilized by the building owners, energy suppliers and other B2B customers aiming to save energy and lower the cost and the emissions. The solution utilizes building thermal storage capacity.

Efficiency at all times

Why Demand Response?

As energy consumption peaks increase energy production costs and emissions, the solution aims to avoid consumption peaks. The Demand Response Solution enables control of energy consumption by shifting consumption to periods of lower cost.

Managing living conditions smartly and cost-effectively.

What it means in practice

  • Momentarily adjusting energy usage down or up to balance fluctuations
  • The agreement defines boundaries of allowed adjustments
  • The buildings thermal storage capacity is used to balance ambient temperature changes
  • The service is transparent to the consumer.

Main Benefits

For Utility Companies

  • Optimization of production capacity
  • More balanced consumption
  • Payback time 2-3 years
  • Positive environmental impact, e.g. decrease in emissions.

For Consumers

  • Optimized energy usage
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Energy consumption at lower price points
  • Financial benefits through compensation for using the Demand Response Service.