Enhance charging potential

Smart Dynamic EV Charging

Electric car charging can have a significant impact on the load of the electric grid without dynamic charging in place. Salusfin platform offers a way to charge Electric Vehicles smarter.

Why Dynamic Charging?

Need for Dynamic Charging:
  • Avoid local grid impact while charging
  • Achieve lower cost per kilometre
  • Smart e-vehicle charging process

We offer a solution

Salusfin Solution Benefits

  • Control the charging process and utilize the volatility in the electricity spot pricing
  • Combine controlling capability with optimization functionality and algorithms
  • Dynamic load balance: balancing to low-cost electricity hours
  • Dynamic load management: including impact on the local grid, load limits and work on Delta capacity
  • Fleet management: priority decision for car charging
  • Optimization between group of chargers
  • Premium subscription option.
Take most out of charging

Smart Dynamic Charging

Individual approach to EV Charging

There are 2 types of individual charging processes:

  • EV starts charging immediately when plugged into a charging point
  • EV starts charging at defined time, set up by software user configuration or control time

*However, in both cases there is rather limited control over the charging process.

There is always room for optimization!

The Salusfin Smart Dynamic Charging Service provides you with local load management capability and allows to make savings on the cost. The Salusfin solution covers the situations when immediate charging is not needed.

The SDC Service uses data on electricity spot market prices, EV battery capacity, EV battery charge level, allowed / maximum charging point load and time available for charging process to calculate the most cost-efficient way to charge EV.

The control of the EV charger is automatic and integrated into the Salusfin app, where users get access to real-time data from the charger.