New Danish partners

Salusfin is happy to announce that we have new partners in Denmark!

Salusfin has made a licensing agreement with the Danish partner Danbes ApS, an Information Technology Company. The new agreement covers software licensing and hosting services. The agreement was signed on 8th of January 2019.

Renovation Leap member

Salusfin is now part of the Renovation leap consortium!
Renovation leap is a research program that activates ambitious apartment renovations. Quality criteria are defined by target building characteristics and availability of innnovative technical solutions and sourcing processes that can enhance the renovations and help meeting the project objectives. Pilot buildings are located in Helsinki and Lahti.
The consortium has several members, including VTT, a group of renovation companies. The project is funded by the Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council , City of Helsinki, Smart & Clean foundation and ARA.

More information on this change project can be found here.

Renovation Leap membership

Improved living comfort

In Merihaka, Helsinki, a housing association decided to install smart heating controls to all apartments. Smart thermostats enable dynamic heating controls, energy savings and added living comfort. Residents can adjust temperatures according to their daily or weekly schedules, e. g. drop temperature during night time or vacation. The thermostats and the wireless solution are provided by mySMARTLife partner Salusfin Ltd.

A first set of thermostats has already been installed in 20 apartments. Info evenings were organised before the installations and additionally residents have been interviewed about issues relating to heating comfort.
The installations enable the local utility company Helen, also partner of mySMARTLife, to start the heat demand response pilot in Merihaka. Link to the original article is here.

Read more on the topic: mySMARTLife – Project News

Partnership with Cleantech

Salusfin is now a proud parner of Cleantech Finland consortium!
Cleantech (clean + technology) refers to technology, services, solutions, process innovations or products that help reduce the environmental load caused by human activity, to save energy and natural resources and to improve the living environment, which in turn can also save our users money.
Cleantech is one of the most rapidly growing business sectors in Finland and in the Western countries in general, and this state of affairs is not likely to change any time soon.
Salusfin and Cleantech benefitial partnership aims at solving economic, ecologic and social challenges, including efficient usage of energy and raw materials. Together we are the definition of the phrase “less is more”.