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We aim to make a difference with innovative digital technology.

Established in 2013, Salusfin Ltd is a technology provider of custom Energy Management and Smart Digital Solutions.

Our Integrated Smart Energy Solutions enable increased energy efficiency and living comfort, access to real-time data while reducing cost and optimizing energy consumption.

Salusfin has taken part in several interesting and significant projects, on both national and international/EU level, such as Smart Elements of Renovation Leap consortium, Smart Otaniemi consortium and MySMARTLife EU Horizon 2020 project, to name a few.

Our customers include among others: E.ON, Hedengren Oy, Helen Oy, Väre Energia Oy, Kymmenlaakson sähkö, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and the cities of Oulu, Helsinki and Amsterdam.

Our headquarters is located in Espoo (Finland), and additionally we have offices in Bochum (Germany) and Dallas (USA).

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Our core competences are professional ICT services.

We offer Digital Transformation Solutions and customized digital user services. We handle the design and the development of smart digital services. We perform custom IoT software development, service design, cloud architecture, optimization and integration, maintenance and support services. We provide project management and consulting services. We offer customized tools and multilingual web & mobile platforms for optimal management of energy use through Demand Response approach.

Our Integrated Smart Energy Solutions enable increased energy efficiency and optimized energy consumption. Our IoT High Level Architecture Solutions solutions include Dynamic Energy Management, Smart EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging, Smart Data-driven Buildings Management and Smart Metering. We respect the privacy of our customers and our solutions have strong built-in security features.

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